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5 Questions to Ask Before You Rent Out a Home

StreamLoan focuses primarily on the processes involved with buying homes and handling mortgages. But today, a lot of homeowners are exploring the idea of using their properties as rental assets, and in some cases even turning this action into a side business. Some are finding ways to generate significant income by renting out properties on platforms like Airbnb, and this is naturally leading others to want to give it a try. So for those who may be looking into home ownership and considering rental potential— or perhaps those who have recently secured homes and are thinking of the same — we are listing some of the important questions to ask before you start renting out.

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5 Clever Steps to Save Money on Your Mortgage

Whether you have a current mortgage or plan to apply for a new one, there are many different avenues you can take to save money on your mortgage. With the current low interest rate environment from COVID-19 (as of August 2020) the borrowing environment is prime to put these tips into use. Here are 5 clever ways to save money on your mortgage.

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